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BIG2SMALL is a new puzzle adventure game where you try and guide the animals to their corresponding food of choice coming for Gameboy, Dreamcast, and N64! 


There are a few obstacles along the way which you must navigate in order to reach your goal. Each animal has unique traits which can aid you on your journey! Melanie the mouse for example can fit Mouseholes and Gisele the goat is the only one that can eat the bushes blocking your way! Can you find your way to victory and keep all the animals happy as you swap your way from BIG2SMALL!

*Box art subject to change. Shipping times might take from weeks to months depending on location and manufacturing times. 


Complete Box

-Game cart/CD
-Instruction manual

Cart Only

-Game cart


Which version should I buy?

If you are in North America(USA, Canada, Mexico) you want to buy the NTSC version because it will only work with North American Consoles. If you are in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America or Oceania you will want to buy the PAL version because it will only work on European consoles . Neither are supported on Japanese consoles.